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What Critics have to say About the HCG Weight Loss Program

Although one of the more popular weight loss around, the HCG weight loss program has not enjoyed universal acceptance. Many medical experts are not convinced the hormone has a place in weight loss endeavours  They also think the HCG diet should be considered with extreme caution as it is too exacting and may not be safe. The more disapproving of critics think the program can only bring more grief and misery to the obese already suffering from lack of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Why do critics maintain this position despite years of existence of HCG? They have reason to complain, actually. Except for the initial study of Dr. ATW Simeons no other scientific studies support the claim that the hormone has the power to change metabolism much less suppress food cravings. There were one or two actually but the hormone was observed in tandem with the diet, and though findings were always in favor of the hormone and diet it was hard to tell which of the two was really responsible for the reduction in weight of respondents. Critics were quick to point out that the results were most likely the work of the diet.

The questioned diet is a very low calorie diet affording dieters 500 calories or less a day. The amount of allowed calories has caused some people to issue warnings to users. The normal daily requirement of the body is 2,000 to 5,000 calories. The HCG diet can only result to serious health consequences like severe loss of energy as to prevent normal physical and mental activities, vomiting, constant headaches, protein loss in the body’s vital organs, etc…

Most of those who see the diet as grossly inadequate to maintain the good health of the body either do not know or conveniently forget that the diet program has anticipated the potential dangers of the diet like those pointed out. To prevent the occurrence of such unfortunate instances, a three day load up period is incorporated in the weight loss program to last three days of the first week of the program. During the three days HCG users are to consume all the calories they are able to. The objective of this period of fairly simple: increase fat stock of dieters ensuring steadily supply of calories enough for the dieter to last the last day of the diet.

Over-all critics are largely outnumbered by people who say they are happy with HCG weight loss program results. Perhaps, it is these people who know the truth about the hormone and the diet.


Everybody is acquainted with the phrase HCG diet strategy and the outcomes obtained by the diet strategy plan. Many individuals all over the world choose this diet strategy and it has become popular among many people over the years. Therefore, to prevent any stumbling blocks or frauds, it is

necessary to comprehend some significant things about the diet strategy plan before you buy HCG Why HCG: This is because it is the most convenient and efficient diet strategy and the bodyweight missing is quick. Those who dropped a few pounds under this system in comparison to other diets are more. This eating strategy can be modified according to your bodyweight, i.e. obese to just obese or very obese person. Hence, a doctor is needed to accept the diet strategy plan after thorough medical check-up whether your body is prepared for the HCG diet strategy or not.

Therefore, if you have any question in your thoughts about this eating strategy, you should discuss to your doctor and know about the strategy
properly. So, before you buy HCG seek advice from your doctor for the protection of your wellness. The resource of HCG: As there are many frauds going on wherein simply water is being marketed as water, it is very important to know the distinction between unique and scams products. Therefore, you must keep in thoughts that as FDA has not accepted the natural HCG, you should not buy HCG.

The major reason for this choice was that the stated HCG is nothing but only simply water in the container. Hence, it is important that you buy them with authorized doctor’s prescribed. You should also take care that when you buy HCG, you buy them from a well-known store. As our physicians recommend only FDA accepted HCG, you must buy HCG through them. You can also buy them from any website, but you will have to deal with adverse reactions of them if they are scams products. As said before, the real drugs are only recommended by the authorized doctors; you must seek advice from a doctor before purchasing them. They effectively evaluation your wellness and recommended drugs according to your existing wellness issues. Once they are pleased with your wellness issues, they recommend HCG diet strategy kit that is accepted by FDA.

Now, as you have your kit, you can quickly start your trip towards appropriate losing bodyweight. Therefore, when you are purchasing HCG,
firstly go through appropriate doctor who has a number plate and secondly, see whether the kit is FDA accepted or not. Also check if the kit contains all the products detailed on the kit protect. So, if you go through appropriate route to losing bodyweight program, you will always be gained by it and obtain what you want. hcg Zealand  buy hcg nz, HCG, hcg falls, hcg diet, buy hcg, buy hcg portugal, buy hcg sydney, buy hcg eire, HCG UK, HCG Britain, HCG France, HCG The country, HCG Australia, HCG North america, HCG Ireland in europe, HCG Scotland, HCG Southern African-american, HCG Hungary, hcg worldwide, buy hcg online .