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Got my HCG with sodium chloride on a slin pin per injection.

Lose 1 to 2 pounds a day!

The problem is 1500IU once mixed up will be enough for 6 injections (2 weeks)

Now I have read so many conflicting stories I have no idea what to believe.

They range from
When mixed with BA it ruins the potency of the HCG
Sodium Chloride is good for weeks and weeks
Sodium chloride is good for about 2 days
HCG must be stored in glass containers ( was thinking of pre filling syringes and having them in the fridge or freezer for that matter)
HCG should not be freezed


So the question is will I get away with 2 weeks storing the mixed HCG? If syringes are sterile, amps sterile, solvent sterile how can bacteria begin to grow when everything is sterile?

I am not even sure if I can source BA here. I just looked at the disinfectant spray you use instead of swabs. It contains benzododecinium bromide 9.45mg per 1ml, it also contains some lemon scent. I got the crazy idea maybe I could use this instead of the Benzyl Alcohol but I don’t think they are the same substances.

No, no, and no. Mix it all up, fill the syringes, put ‘em in the freezer. Takes just a few minutes to thaw sitting out in the open. None of this affects the potency or the shelf life. I (and many others) have test results that prove no difference between fresh and frozen.

Although, I will share a boneheaded move of my own: Ran out of bacteriostatic water so bought some Sterile Water For Injection. Mixed it up and OUCH! This stuff really stings, like a particularly angry wasp. Only later did I google about this effect. First thing I came across was how doulas (mother’s assistant during labor) sometimes inject sterile water in four spots on the woman’s back to distract from THE PAIN OF THE BABY COMING OUT. At least I felt a little better about my level of pain tolerance. 1/4 of passing an actual baby, or something.

Okay that is positive news, thanks for that. You did mention that you normally use BAC water but I guess if it is frozen it makes no difference whether saline or bac.

Do not freeze, refrigerate. Ice crystallization is thought to damage peptides. But some BB guys think otherwise, which does not mean that they are right.

You can load 16X3 into two syringes. Shoot three times, use an alcohol prep pad to clean the needle, recap and refrigerate.

Because the contents of amps are intended to be reconstituted and the complete contents injected all at once, there is no need for BA water and the drug is not needing a reconstituted storage life.

Never inject anything into your body that is not intended to be an injectable!

Amps are for women who are trying to time egg release for artificial insemination or IVF. Amps are so unsuitable for what you need. You need 5,000 or 10,000 multi dose vials. These should come with BA water.

Add BA water slowly, do not jet water into the vial/amp. Never shake, gently swirl to assist mixing.

Most get 10,000 vials that last 80 days, no issue with that if BA water. You can ignore the expiry information for reconstituted hCG.

You do not want to get reconstituted hCG shipped to you, get it dry.

BA water prevents bacterial growth, sterile or saline solution does not.

BA water is the standard solution for hCG, HGH and other peptides. hCG “kits” come with BA water.

Now you know.