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How far along am I and is hcg low?

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Ok so I am confused. I have irregular cycles, but have been using a period tracker app to calculate ovulation. So I ovulated on 11/17 and had intercourse on that day. I took a pg test on 11/30 and it came up positive. Went to the doctor on 12/5 and they didn’t see anything so took an hcg test which came back at 99 (on 12/5). Took another hcg on 12/7=141, another on 12/10=249, and one yesterday on 12/12=421. Doc says I am 5-6 weeks pregnant but how so if I had sex on 11/17, and have irregular cycles? How can he be sure. If I got pg on 11/17 technically I am only 3 1/2 weeks pg. He says my hcg is low and is concerned about mc or ectopic. I have had no bleeding and feel fine. I am confused! Any words of wisdom? They are rechecking me next Wednesday (6 days from today). Confused much!

Generally doctors count from the first day of your last period. Usually 2 weeks before you ovulated, which adds the extra time on your calculations. Even though he says 5-6 wks, you conceived 3-4 wks ago. Hope that clears it up for you.